Anti-inflammatory Drug For Alzheimer’s Disease?


Alzheimer's disease is the scourge of this generation. The disease is poorly understood, and presently there is no proven course of treatment. Medical experts are scrambling to find answers. A recent study in mice discovered that an anti-inflammatory drug restores memory function. The mice had Alzheimer's-like memory problems. The take away in this study is the disease is … [Read more...]

Learn How Your Diet Keeps You Moving As You Age


As they age, women's risk of physical disability drops with a healthy diet, according to a recent study. Add in the probability that older women will develop arthritis, which compounds the risks of losing free movement, and you'll see how important this new information is to you. There is very little research about how your diet affects physical function later in life. The … [Read more...]

Brains Wash Away Toxins During Sleep


New study results suggest while you are asleep, your brain clears out harmful toxins. This process may reduce the risk of Alzheimer's. A study of mice found during sleep, the flow of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain increases significantly. This washes away harmful waste proteins that build up between brain cells during waking hours. Think of it like a dishwasher in your … [Read more...]

Your Birthday Cake May Contain Over 80 Toxic Ingredients

Your Birthday Cake May Contain Over 80 Toxic Ingredients

A brightly colored birthday cake is a staple for your child's special day. Millions of cakes are sold every day, but a store-bought birthday cake is one of the most toxic treats that you can give a child. With wedding season on the horizon, adults are putting their health at risk as well. A little history The first birthday cakes were made of flour, yeast, nuts and honey … [Read more...]

Is Belly Fat More Dangerous Than You Think?

Is Belly Fat More Dangerous Than You Think

That frustrating belly fat raises your risk of developing diabetes or cardiovascular disease, even if they have a normal BMI. The excess pounds can be dangerous. People with a normal body mass index but carry weight in their abdomen have the highest risk of death compared to overweight or obese people who carry their weight in other areas. Researchers tracked 42,702 … [Read more...]