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Gingko Biloba: Studies have shown that Gingko Biloba helps with improved thinking, improved memory and better social behavior… so no more mood swings or embarrassing conversations with friends & family… be as sharp as you were 12 years ago!
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Acetylcarnitine: “ALCAR” for short, has the ability to cross the blood–brain barrier and enter the brain, where it acts as a powerful antioxidant. ALCAR is also useful in treating nerve injury as well as spinal cord injury…
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St. John’s Wort: This ingredient provides effective support for a positive mood. By enhancing the brain’s neurological functions, St. John’s Wort promotes emotional balance and feelings of well-being, and has been used for centuries to help against mental depression
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L-Glutamine: Glutamine helps the body maintain a healthy pH balance and is necessary for making and repairing cells, and helps the brain be alert & function at it’s highest level… it’s the perfect addition to Brain Ammo…
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DMAE: Short for Dimethylaminoethanol, DMAE is used to treat a variety of conditions and illnesses associated with the brain and the central nervous system. Assisting with ADHD, it also serves to boost your brain’s cognitive functions…
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Bacopin: Bacopin acts as an adaptogen which helps the body combat stress. It works as a free radical scavenger in the body which means it protects cells and restores cell damage.

Due to its recent success in trials, more and more research is being conducted to check its effects on other parts of the body as well as different mental conditions such as Alzheimer’s… we’ve got it in Brain AmmoLink to Clinical Studies:

Vinpocetine: Vinpocetine has effects on brain blood vessels, brain blood flow, and brain cells themselves. It enhances the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the brain, as well as helping in preventing damage that occurs if nutrient delivery is impaired.
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What Our Customers Are Saying

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I lost 9 lbs in just 3 months after using Forskothin with life essentials. I felt so much younger and more energetic and was happy with the results. I will give this product to my daughter and husband to, Thank you! *

Maria Ounnar, 54, TX

I just received my second bottle of Forskothin from Life Essentials and I am telling you it makes me feel good. I don't get so many cravings like I used to and that helps me lose weight. I have not checked my weight yet at this point. I am anxious to see the results after 90 days of continuous use as per following Dr. Klayman's instructions of drinking half my body weight in ounces of water daily and eating a lower carb diet... not forgetting the 3-4 times I exercise per week. Looking forward to the summer, thanks to this all natural product. *

Charles Russell, 38, PA

At first I seriously doubted this product as I do with any other online supplement. However I decided to give Forskothin a shot.... I weighed 220 lbs, been using this product for 6 months now and I can proudly say that I weigh just over 200 lbs now, I don't even exercise so much and this product works! I will keep on using it till I reach my target. *

Susan Johnson, 44, AR

This product takes a little longer to work for me because I have so many medications that I am taking however I love the fact that it is 100% natural with no side effects, I use it on a daily basis and have lost over 8 pounds, I love it and I will continue using it, I recommend it to people who want to get rid of belly fat and I feel good enough about myself to go to the beach again! *

Vickie Sites, 36, CA

I had a small goal of about 10 lbs to lose and with the help of Forskothin I lost 8 lbs in just 2 and a half months, I was really happy with the product and didn't eat all the sweet food I used to, especially the carbs, drinking a full glass of water or 2 before a meal really helps from eating as much as before. Thank you Life Essentials for this cool product. I reached my goal and will be using the Whey Protein from the same company since I will move on to body building now :) *

Gabriel Joseph Fernandes, 28, CA